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Mall Indaba is a two-day conference designed for Shopping Centre Managers and Mall Marketers. Attending the conference will ensure that management stay informed on latest industry trends, identify new opportunities for centre growth and optimize their centre management skills. The conference takes place over two full days and offers its delegates more than 12 industry experts sharing their experience, knowledge and know-how in managing and promoting shopping centres. Enjoy two jam-packed days of learning, idea scouting, opportunity spotting, interaction and networking with industry peers.

What will be covered?
On the Agenda...

Retail/shopping centre trends
State of local shopping centres
Opportunities and threats
Maximising centre revenue
Centre management 
Marketing the shopping centre
User experience
Market research
Legal matters
Retailer concerns & views
Centre design
Transforming dead spaces
Mall Loyalty Programmes
Other related topics of interest

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Date: 14 & 15 June 2017
Times: 08:00 - 16:00 daily

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Venue: The Maslow Hotel, Cnr Grayston & Rivonia Roads, Sandton
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Agenda 2017


Trend Flow: Economic, Shopping Centre & Retail Trends
Belinda Clur, Managing Director of Clur Research International

Shopping centres play a significant and often under-estimated role in stimulating economic growth. Within the current economic, social and competitive landscape, consumers are changing and retail must be agile and adapt.  In order to create an appropriate defensive and proactive mix, it is vital that shopping centre stakeholders understand and respond to these shifting dynamics to protect market share, profitability and economic growth.

Last year, Clur spoke of ‘Trend Collisions’ which were evident in consumer behaviour. This year, she discusses how many of the colliding and conflicting trends that emerged last year have now seen an evolution into a more sophisticated and fluid ‘Trend Flow’.

‘Trend Flow’ will consider the latest retail and shopping centre trends covering over 2.5 million square metres of prime retail space across South Africa, as monitored by Retail LiveTM, an interpretive early warning and leading indicator system for shopping centres, developed by her company – Clur Research International.

Clur’s extensive local and international experience, specialised knowledge of retail over the last 19 years, as well as her established industry leading involvement, make her an expert on the subject. She holds a long history with the International Council of Shopping Centres, having served on many of their international groups and being invited to chair their Sub-Saharan Africa Research Group.


Trends, Innovations and Disruptions in retail
Darren Katz, head Strategic RetailCommercialisation Unit: CW Excellerate

To be competitive malls understand that they need to create tailored offerings and build customer loyalty. In this presentation Darren will look at the latest trends, innovations and disruptions in the world of retail in order to spark ideas on how we can change and customise our own offerings. He will demonstrate how to use technologies such as mobile, social media, branding, digital, analytics and marketing to better our offerings to shoppers.

Excellerate is the holding company of JHI, a well established property services company with more than a century of property experience. It represents 422 shopping centres with a total GLA of approximately 3 million m? and with high occupancy levels. JHI Properties’s national and international footprint includes South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Zambia, Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya


The evolution of shopping centres - Becoming the experience
Femi Adebanji  l  International Business Speaker l  Business Coach

Global trends are beginning to cause shopping malls to evaluate the role they played historically in the lives of their customers, and the role they need to play today. In the past, malls were primarily about shopping. 

Today, in the “experience economy”, customers are looking to shopping malls to provide a distinct experience that goes far beyond shopping. In addition, not only is today’s consumer more savvy and knowledgeable, they are also giving as much priority to service and experience as they do to price, the size of product range and options available in an outlet.

Furthermore, the increasing advent of online stores that are available 24/7 not only provide customers with an unparalleled level of convenience, but also present them with an almost endless array of product selection and rapid price comparison functionality, that is challenging for shopping malls to match.

Therefore, the survival and sustainability of shopping malls into the future now mandates that they must evolve beyond “brick and mortar structures” to experience environments that creates a brand distinction for them and drives customer loyalty. 

Shopping malls now need to innovate in a way that creates a compelling value proposition for their customers and move away from the traditional model of commoditised shopping. It is also no longer enough for shopping malls to have a handful of experience-based stores as the key attraction to their centres. 

To survive and thrive in today’s “experience economy”, the malls themselves must evolve and become the key attraction.

Femi is an experienced International Business Speaker and Coach. With his trademark humorous style, he cites stories and examples of retailers that have successfully embodied a true service culture.


Working Smarter – create a unique space
Jaco Reyneke – Reteam South Africa

“Build it they will come” …until the opening of the bigger mall right next door. It often seems, in South African-retail, size is the only thing that counts. One cannot help but wonder if it is not possible to offer a unique shopping experience to the consumer by working smarter.

The reteamgroup is a Danish company that has developed the tools to better understand the behavior and the needs of the consumer.
Jaco will explain how retail has changed over the past few decades and why we need to consider a different approach to what we offer the consumer.

Secondly, he will discuss the different tools you can use to work with to find affordable and practical solutions to improve any retail or public space.  Finally, he will discuss a case study of a Community Centre reteam is currently working on in the Eastern Cape.

Jaco has completed his studies in Town and Regional planning at the University of Pretoria. He has worked in the residential development since 2012 however when Reteam South Africa opened their doors in 2015 he moved to retail developments. Currently Jaco is enrolled in the Master’s Program for Property Development, Specializing in Shopping Centre development.

Obtaining maximum value and profits from non-GLA
Kim Homan: Managing Director & CEO of Mall Space Management and Mall Marketing Management

In this session we will explore strategies on how to increase Non-GLA revenue in malls. Kim will discuss how to maximize your asset by looking at static displays, advertising and media, IT, services, digital and more. She will also refer to the sales skill set needed, integrating sales & marketing practices, International trends in this space and how malls are entering the digital world.

Kim Homan, Managing Director and CEO of Mall Space Management and Mall Marketing Management has 21 years of retail experience, and has built Mall Space Management (MSM) from the ground up, becoming the pioneer of the shopping centre non-GLA industry. MSM was instrumental in introducing direct sales techniques, and centre wide signature events into the retail property industry in August 1993. Kim laid the foundations to shift Property Owner’s perception of non-GLA, it is now seen as a tool for revenue generation, where in the past this income stream was underutilised and undervalued. Kim’s business model is known as Shopping Centre Court Activation, which is self-liquidating and increases the number of events, advertising and ultimately shopper footprint with no financial investment required by the Property Owners.


Does digital drive foot traffic?
Crayg Hitzeroth – Managing  Director, Ad Dynamo

Digital media is affordable and can be used effectively to drive foot traffic to your mall. In this session Crayg will demonstrate how to create content that promotes your mall. He will also show us how digital technology can be used to drive offline awareness.

Crayg is a digital native and he has worked in various digital roles in the past. Business strategy is his passion and he firmly believes that any brand can be innovative as long as there is a good mix of bravery and strategic planning involved. He heads up the content strategy division for Ad Dynamo's Twitter team.

Marketing your Mall Successfully
Venessa Fourie – Managing Member: Purple Plumm

In this session we will take a close look at current shopping centre marketing trends. How does your marketing message remain relevant and realistic? Venessa will demonstrate how management teams must make a mindset shift to reach an Omni-present Shopper. How can we best reach the shopper by looking at the “Now” and the “Future”? 

Vanessa Fourie is one of the leading consultants and authorities in shopping centre marketing, a marketing maven with over 19 years specialised marketing communications experience. Vanessa is the Course Director of the Fundamentals of Shopping Centre Marketing Course for the SACSC on behalf of the CEUP, and an active member of SACSC. She too, is one of only three people in South Africa to hold the International Shopping Centre Marketing Qualification and enjoys the Professional CM (SA) status, which she has maintained since 2002. The ever curious mind-set sees her still today hitting the books to feed that inner desire for knowledge.

Under Vanessa’s leadership, Purple Plumm has become the national, one-stop, results-driven agency for retail spaces, with a client base that includes the likes of Growthpoint, Investec, Ambit Properties, Mall of Africa and Abacus Asset Management.


Innovation - Augmented Reality in Malls
Nic van den Bergh - Managing Director, NMP Agency

In this session we take a closer look at how new media technology like Augmented Reality & Beacons are changing the shopping experience and how it can provide mall and store owners with actionable data for smarter, targeted, marketing campaigns.

Nic is the Managing Director of Net Media Planet Agency (NMP), a full-service digital agency with offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Nic is an innovative and successful businessman with a flair for identifying and successfully developing commercial business opportunities. With his enthusiastic and optimistic approach to handling business issues he encourages and motivates the people around him to thinking and living media communication. He has over 12 years’ experience in Sponsorship Marketing, Media, Traditional Advertising, Digital Media and Marketing Communication across all industry portfolios. Nic holds an MBA from Oxford Brookes (UK).


Digital Marketing & Social Media
Dylan Kohlstadt – Founder: ShiftOne Digital

Find out how to use Digital Marketing to increase footfall in your mall. Which digital channels are right for you? How do you put together the right message to attract the right customers? Who are the right customers? How do you integrate all your channels and messaging?

In this interactive and engaging session, Dylan will cover everything from Twitter, Facebook and Google to customer profiling and brand building.

Dylan is the founder and CEO of Shift ONE, a creative integrated digital marketing agency with 12 full time staff members.


Designing a Loyalty Programme for your Mall
Ros Netto – CRM & Loyalty Consultant: Truth

In this session we will unpack the loyalty landscape in South Africa and discuss the key considerations when designing a loyalty programme. Ros will share a 7-step process to design and implement a good loyalty programme including measuring the success of your loyalty programme.

Ros Netto is the Loyalty & CRM consultant and Marketing Manager at Truth, a boutique consulting business specialising in customer centricity and customer loyalty programmes.  After a few years in HR at Woolworths Head Office, Ros moved across to Truth in 2010 where she has successfully developed and implemented CRM & loyalty strategies for many of Truth’s clients across various industries (retail, financial services, lifestyle & travel) for both B2B & B2C clients. Ros has also been asked to speak at local loyalty and rewards conferences and runs several business workshops and seminars.


How understanding Design Thinking will change the retail landscape
Dave Nemeth - MD: Trend-Forward

A design mindset is not problem-focused, it's solution focused and action oriented towards creating a preferred future. The only certainty in retail at the moment is the death of retail as we know it. This can be used as a huge positive for those that are forward thinking and willing to prototype and test new strategies. Many retailers are confused by the current disruption taking place and don't fully understand the consumer attitudes that are driving this change. This presentation will give more than just information on these topics but leave you thinking differently and applying new methodology to your operations.

Dave Nemeth is a qualified designer who has held a variety of senior as well as executive positions with some of the countries leading retail groups, spanning a career of twenty years. He is the owner of Trend-Forward, a trend consulting business and is often referred to as one of the countries leading trend analysts and creative thinker, by a host of publications and media. He produces an annual trend forecast focusing on the dynamic changes that will affect business and the way in which we do it.

Dave is a design and retail authority in South Africa and regularly contributes to publications such as SA Homeowner,  Objekt International SA, Trends, Designing ways and Fast Company. He also has his own radio decor show and is the founder of Africa’s very first design thinking Conference, which was successfully launched in 2015.

“It is no longer good enough to simply ‘think out of the box’, the box has been destroyed and we need to be thinking in hexagons and polygons”. – Dave Nemeth.


Achieving facility management success
Anthony Stokes, Property Consultant

With the ever increasing pressure on Landlords to retain market share in Malls and shopping centres, it is crucial for survival to focus on being at the edge of efficient management. Facilities management plays an important role in retaining the asset and maximising realistic returns. This presentation will highlight the importance of the property management role in achieving the objectives.

Anthony is an experienced centre manager and property consultant. His years of business experience include managerial positions at ESKOM, Adcorp Holdings, Hermans & Roman Property Solutions and worked as private business consultant with clients such as Daimler Chrysler, VW Group, Aspen, MWEB and Oceana Group. He joins us all the way from George where he is currently consulting on various aspects of property management.

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