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2017 Speakers

2017 Content / Programme Overview

Day 1 - 13 March 2017
Day 2 - 14 March 2017
Overview / Trends / Opportunities
Maximising Profits / Working Smarter
Mall of the future
Centre Management / Logistics
Retailers Opinion

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Mall Indaba...

Mall Indaba is designed for Shopping Centre Management Teams. The conference takes place over two days. Day one is a full-day educational programme dealing with the latest shopping centre industry challenges and trends. Day two offers more interaction and networking opportunities during the morning breakfast sessions and four workshops.

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What will be covered?
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Retail/shopping centre trends
State of local shopping centres
Opportunities and threats
Maximising centre revenue
Centre management 
Marketing the shopping centre
User experience
Market research
Legal matters
Retailer concerns & views
Centre design
Transforming dead spaces
Mall Loyalty Programmes
Other related topics of interest

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Date: 13 & 14 March 2017
Times: 08:00 - 16:00 daily

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Venue: The Maslow Hotel, Cnr Grayston & Rivonia Roads, Sandton
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2017 Programme

Monday 13 March 2017

Economic Overview, Shopping Centre & Retail Trends
Belinda Clur - Managing Director of Clur Research International

Shopping centres play a significant and catalytic role in driving economic growth. It is therefore critical that shopping centre managers understand and adapt to changing trends and leading indicators to best meet current consumer needs, capture elusive spend and stimulate growth. These trends have implications for flexibility, strategic mix, sizing, design, rentals, branding and retail classifications. All of these need careful consideration in order to drive market share and profitability of malls.








New Authenticity
Adrian Morris – Creative Director: Design Partnership

New authenticity, not the post-modern definition, driven by fake reproductions, but rather there is a shift to authentic experiences. The demise of cookie cutter solutions to localized experiences, underpinned by the rise of local individuality, primarily as a response to the fact that everything is everywhere today, in retail, the world has become non-differentiated, a ubiquitous sameness. The role of design is to not only differentiate the bricks and mortar environment, but more importantly to fulfill a strategic role to integrate the social, cultural and economic drivers that underpin delivering a holistic and relevant experience for the customer.


Mall Branding
Guido van Garderen - Strategy Director, Interbrand

Malls and retail environments are brands on their own and need to develop their own strategic positioning, just like any other brand. A successful brand knows how to communicate its brand story using all channels, all touch points and during the entire customer journey. This gives the mall its own signature and can start creating a community around the brand. As part of the strategy team, Guido helps companies, institutions, cities and nations identify their competitive edge and create distinctive brands that drive long-term growth. In this presentation he will share thoughts and strategies how to do just that for your shopping centre.


Turnover Rentals
Francois Coetzer - Retail Shop Space

Rental is a function of turnover. Your shopping centre and therefore your business, is only as strong as the turnover it generates. Why then do so many landlords choose to ignore turnover rentals? We shall discuss how to determine the correct turnover percentage, which is different for each retail category, and its influence on tenant mix and tenant positioning. After 20 years in the retail leasing industry, Francois is as passionate about the industry as ever. Being the middle man between artistic retailers on the one end and financial driven investors on the other, he sets the scene for a vibrant work environment.


Building shopper loyalty with iBeacons
Jasper de Vreugt – CEO: Mall-Connect

All the way from the Netherlands, Jasper de Vreugt will share how the latest tech and smart software can be employed to build shopper loyalty at your mall. He will demonstrate how iBeacons can bring a Shopping Center app to live and how to best use it in your marketing and loyalty strategy. Jasper is the CEO of Mall-Connect, a company providing specialised omni-channel marketing software to some of the world’s most iconic shopping malls. He drives innovation in shopping centre marketing using his broad international experience.


Green Energy – Keeping your tenants “cool”
DeVilliers Botha - Operations Director, Solareff

In this session we look at green energy solutions. De Villiers Botha will share an International perspective on how to be competitive by generating your own renewable energy. He will reveal how to achieve successful results by discussing local case studies. A practicing advocate since 2003 and also Operations Director of Solareff (Pty) Ltd since May 2010, DeVilliers has extensive and unique expertise of the legal, compliance and financial challenges of Solar PV projects which combines aspects of a construction, engineering, contract, property and environmental law as well as regulation/compliance.

Tuesday 14 March 2017
  Networking Breakfast (seated)

Making money when you think it’s impossible
Robert Sadler – MD Retail Inc

In these very austere times retailers will be struggling more and more, however there are tricks of the trade that all retailers should know.

Being a shopkeeper for 40years, Rob will let you into some of the techniques and reveal the passion needed to succeed in this business.


(Workshop 1.A)
Delivering Exceptional “Total Store Experience” for Customers

Femi Adebanji  l  International Business Speaker l  Business Coach

Consumers expectations have changed rapidly for retailers and malls. Shopping has become a 24/7 experience the competition is now truly global and consumers are able to buy from stores around the corner or around the world! Consumers are also more switched on than ever before, and with the help of technology are able to compare products, prices and even read reviews before making a purchase decision. This session outlines how mall managers can direct and lead their retailers to deliver exceptional store experiences.

(Workshop 1.B)
Brand Strategy for Malls
Nick Ristic - Director @126 Architects I interiors
Guido van Garderen - Strategy Director, Interbrand

Do you wish to be different and stand out, but only end up the same as everyone else? Guido van Garderen and Nick Rictic will investigate the key elements into creating a "not just another retail centre", but a destination. This is a practical session with case studies and open conversations.


(Workshop 2.A)
Digital Marketing & Social Media

Dylan Kohlstadt – Founder: ShiftOne Digital

Find out how to use Digital Marketing to increase footfall in your mall. Which digital channels are right for you? How do you put together the right message to attract the right customers? Who are the right customers? How do you integrate all your channels and messaging? In this interactive and engaging session, Dylan will cover everything from Twitter, Facebook and Google to customer profiling and brand building. Dylan is the founder and CEO of Shift ONE, a creative integrated digital marketing agency with 12 full time staff members.


(Workshop 2.B)
Malls & Experiential Marketing

Mike Silver – MD Stretch Experiential

“Malls & Experiential Marketing: over the past decade, malls have formed the backdrop for countless experiential marketing campaigns across the globe. Surprisingly though, mall owners have for the most part resisted the temptation to learn from their tenants and retailers. In an age of the experience economy, it’s critical that mall owners learn from global brands to deliver their own brand experiences that actually resonate with consumers and in turn increase brand affinity, footfall and social media word of mouth. This workshop will feature some of the globe’s best experiential marketing campaigns and provide food for thought for how to develop your own strategic brand experience campaigns that provide real results”.


Mall Crime – Stats, Incidents and Prevention Tips  
Brigadier J Victor Provincial Head Operational Coordination Centre: Gauteng

Shopping malls have lots of features that make them attractive to criminals. There are plenty of high-value items in the stores, people walking around with money, unsupervised children and teenagers hanging out and parking lots full of cars. Security and safety in malls depends on proper management of the crowds and its movement in and around the mall. South African malls had its fair share of violent shopping centre robberies making mall security a top priority for malls, shoppers and retailers alike. In this session we’ll take a closer look at numerous crime prevention strategies that can serve to make commercial shopping malls a safer and more secure environment.
Brigadier Victor will give valuable advice for shopping centre managers on the subject of mall security.


Where Technology and the retail experience meet
Cornel van Lingen (Managing Director of Public Display Technologies)

South Africa is fast closing in on international trends where technology is vastly applied to attract, engage and influence shoppers. With the digital revolution making its way into all our lives, how can you use technology to attract and retain more shoppers to your facility? The retail industry will never be the same again. Evolving the customer experience and joining advanced markets like in USA and Japan, technology is here to bring an exciting dimension to the retail world. Cornel is dedicated to share ideas on bridging the gap.


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